How to Reduce Stress When Making Plans With a Moving Company

The majority of today’s homeowners are already hip to the idea of hiring a moving company to help them transport all of their belongings safely, but taking this important step alone is not enough to ensure a stress-free move. Read on to find a few more moving and packing tips that can help.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Clutter

The more unnecessary items are removed from the home before the packing process even begins, the easier it will be to get organized once all that stuff arrives at the new home. This process can begin as soon as the family has decided to make a move, too, which can save a lot of time and hassle later.

Sort Possessions by Category

Most families who haven’t moved around much assume that all of their possessions should be organized by room. This is a mistake, though. Instead, choose one category to sort through each day and focus on organizing and packing everything in the home that falls into that category.

Pick the Right Day to Move

Those who have relatively flexible schedules will be at an advantage when it comes time to hire movers. Many companies are busier on weekends, so it can be cheaper to hire their services during the week. Just be sure to schedule services at least a month in advance and to ask what days will be least expensive and try to work around them when planning a moving date.

Create a List

Packing and scheduling professional movers are only two of the most essential concerns that go into planning for a move. Tasks like changing addresses, switching utilities, and informing family members and friends also have to be performed in advance. Making a detailed master list of everything that must be taken care of will help families stay on track.

Buy Extra Packing and Moving Supplies

Stock up in advance on supplies like boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and moving blankets. This will ensure that there won’t have to be any last-minute trips to the store. Some companies offer discounted moving supplies, so readers should be sure to ask the representative scheduling services about whether or not they can also purchase boxes and other supplies directly from the company.